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Is it bad to want a love so deep
He buys a plot of land and names it after me?

Apricot blossom and roses surround the perimeter
While lilies and lilac lay the path to my tomb
Carved out of Georgia marble, gold
Limestone and crystal

Peaches, leather, and vanilla fill the air he breathes while
Looking at me. Memories of my skin soft of cocoa and oil
Torturing him like the scorching summer heat in Mississippi

Visions of long hair flowing at the sight of water running
Through the light of the fountain he built for me
A mile away from…

When it comes to love, trust in the universe’s divine timing

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I opened my arms up to the universe and asked, can you please send me a husband? I want someone to love, support, and hold. I also want someone to support, love, and hold me.”

The universe responded, “This is not the right time for romantic love. You are destined to do so many things before committing to a life partner.”

I went to my closest friends, “ I really want to find love.” They responded, “You have other things you should be doing. I am still waiting for that book about your life to come out. And aren’t you…


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No drifting back and forth between spaces
Between somebody, then another body,
then back to my body

Because you are unsure of us.
I won’t persuade you to choose me
We’ve spent more than enough time
for you to decide where you’d like to
place your energy

And instead of energy in us,
you’ve displaced trust in somebody else,
and risked us for the possibility with a stranger.

And that’s ok, you’re allowed to change your mind

We’ve spent more than enough time
for you to decide where you’d like to
place your energy. …


If you want a photo, I now charge $100 for each. Actually, make it $200

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Dear Men I Barely Know,

We met online and before we’ve gone on a date before we’ve built a rapport, you’ve asked me for more pictures.


I get it. You have a fear of being catfished, but I have five, sometimes six, pictures already on my online profile. Headshot, full-body shot, and you have access to my Instagram account, yet it’s still not enough for your pornographic gaze.

Can I have a swimsuit photo? Maybe one with a little less clothing? You put in your special requests.

Some guys say, well, you should be flattered men want to see more of you.


Poetry Sunday

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I have got to get out of my past
Living in my head with each lover’s last
Each one I wanted to be my forever

Always scared of inevitable ends
They try to pick back up again

But what can you expect?
When you’re the one who brings the
Heated nights turned softest days

They got scared of getting lost in love’s way
Of sweet kisses, while being
Wrapped between warm thighs
While looking into each other’s eyes

This love is too much for fragile egos

So they run out of fear of
Being at love’s beck and call
Scared of…

“I had to decide whether I was going to flip the table over in the restaurant or not.”

Photo by Lon Christensen on Unsplash

Did he think I was dumb? I had to decide whether I was going to flip the table over in the restaurant or not.

If you know me, then you know this is the antithesis of my outward personality; calm, kind, and gentle is the path I choose to take most of the time unless, of course, someone questions my intelligence, and boy did it feel like he was questioning my intelligence.

This man tried to coerce me to go to his apartment after our now second date, and when he saw I wasn’t budging, he suggested we go to…


Photo by Bash Mutumba from Pexels

I am no longer yours

Your nonchalant demeanor
Which has replaced your heart
Once warm and kind
Signals you have not grown
But digressed

I don’t know why you’d think this newly cold
Version would keep me attached
When it was your warm-heartedness
That led me to love you

At first realization of heart’s transformation
I was gone, and I don’t have plans
Of ever coming back

Sharing my heart
With someone not yet capable
Of sharing their’s is a risk
I am no longer willing to take
Especially now that I’ve aged

There is a woman
Someone else who may…

Midnight Rain — Poetry Sunday

Photo by Alex Conchillos from Pexels

A Prose Poem

Spring brings warmth to the breeze I feel while sitting on the fountain’s edge while midnight rain drizzles, trickles water in my hair and on my face.

Midnight rain dropping lightly into the water.

Wondering if I can too drop lightly in the water.

Into the fountain’s pool amongst the statues.

I am a statuesque fixture sitting on the fountain’s edge enjoying every minute of Spring which brings warmth to the breeze I feel while sitting on the fountain’s edge while midnight rain drizzles, trickles water in my hair, and on my face.

Orange lights dance beautifully in the water…

Why Representation Matters Series

Asking for contributions of people from underrepresented groups does not mean the exclusion of white men.

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

Introduction to the Series

“O look,” I thought, “I have a new message on Instagram.”

“Non-white? Love the divisiveness. Would’ve offered as a firefighter and a nurse.”

Uh oh! My repost was misinterpreted and by a guy I thought was super cute — we met on Hinge.

We never did go out because after going on a string of bad dates, I realized I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to date at the time, so we remained friends on Instagram, where we chatted intermittently there and via text.

He was always so supportive of me. For example, he…

Jehan Senai Worthy

Educator and lover of the written word, you can find me teaching middle, high school, and college-level courses while writing poetry, short stories, and essays.

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